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Mike Epps finds himself accused of cheating, and Ashley Madison has nothing to do with it. The comedian’s wife caught him sliding into DMs this weekend, but now he’s blaming his nephew. 


Reports Madame Noire:

When it comes to love and relationships, it is said that men and women cheat equally. It only seems as though men cheat more, because they are stupid enough to get caught. I’m not sure this statement is 100 percent true, but the actions of Comedian Mike Epps certainly seem to validate the claim for men. This past weekend, Epps was caught by his wife, Mechelle Epps, trying to talk to a woman on Twitter.

“Hey,” tweeted the All About the Benjamins actor to Twitter user @CeciCitra after she posted a tweet concerning movie spoilers. The 44-year-old-actor went on to ask, “Are you on ig.”

We witnessed the start of Epps’ downfall with this tweet:

Then buddy wanted to start DM surfing.

That’s when his wife figured she should pop in and say hello.

Watch how this all played out on the following pages, with Epps saying today (August 19) that it was actually his nephew who runs his Twitter account.

Innocent until proven guilty, though, right? Bruh…


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