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There’s a slow but stead furry on social media right now accusing Black Lives Matter activist and organizer, Shaun King, of secretly being a white guy. Someone allegedly found King’s birth certificate, which allegedly shows that both of his parents are white.

Essentially, King’s work and personal accounts of racism are being slandered and discredited, because a blogger did some digging into his supposed past.  Among the claims are that King lied about being bi-racial to get a Morehouse scholarship funded by Oprah Winfrey, and was described as “white” on a 1995 police report.

The blogger who found all this reported proof admits to stalking King’s social media accounts, gathering more than 200 documents on him, and appears to have a personal vendetta:

After Shaun called me a racist and a liar on his blog for outing him about his various scams, I decided to research him on a personal level, I’ve never believed him to be black, which means he has no right to call me, or anyone else, “racist” because they’ve said “mean” things about him. It is my opinion that the reason Shaun King has never been outed for his scams is because of his “black Pastor” status (and likely the celebrities he duped don’t want to be associated). ANY white person going after the credibility of a black Pastor can expect to have their “racist” ass handed to them on a silver offering platter. Been there, done that.

Fast forward to last night…after about a month of not checking the facebook pages of his family, I decided to look at his brother’s facebook page again to see if there was anything about the camping trip Shaun is supposedly on this weekend and next week. Instead I found something his brother posted last month…a photo of Shaun as a child….a very white child with red, curly hair.

I have searched every member of King’s family tree with a fine toothed comb and I’ve never once found a black family member, not even grandparents or great grandparents.  The only person I’ve never been able to find is his father, which is apparently the same father his brother, who is four years older has.   Short of asking King to post his actual birth certificate, I’m stumped.   The only black people in Shaun’s life are his wife and three light-skinned, biological children.  The other darker skinned children you see in his photos belong to his wife’s sister.

King pulling a “Rachel Dolezal” could very well be a fake story. He may just have a target on his back.

Hit the gallery for Twitter reactions, and more of King’s response.


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