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While the APB is still out on Silento’s second hit record, there is no denying the staying power his “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” endured. Just ask Utah police officer Bryson Lystrup, who was caught via surveillance video in a Pleasant Grove 7-Eleven whipping and nae naeing with no shame in his game.

FOX13 reports that the video quickly went viral hours after it was recorded and Lystrup’s wife actually stumbled across it on Facebook.

“The store owner turned on the music and the rest was history, I started dancing,” Lystrup told the news outlet. “I dance way better in my head. Way better in my head. Definitely a white boy. Hello I’m an officer, I should have known there’s a camera in a convenience store.”

“I wasn’t too surprised because I see this at home but I was embarrassed because he’s doing it out in public,” his wife, Lisa Lystrup admitted.

Watch the Utah police officer attempt to bust a move in the video above. For what it’s worth, he’s looking a lot better than most NYPD officers these days.

Photo: FOX13 Salt Lake City