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Even though Key & Peele are hanging up their comedic cleats at the end of the season, it would best for all parties involved if they kept servicing Hip-Hop skits from time to time.

Their latest take of rap is a spoof on how many fans feel regarding Outkast’s nearly 10-year drought for album releases.

Andre 3000’s colorful personality and Big Boi’s common sense RNS simply don’t mix anymore. Although the group was highly visible at festivals and concerts last year, Andre himself said he never actually wanted to partake in the reunion.

During the segment a chance encounter at a Atlanta coffee shop forces both legendary rappers to catch up, much to the chagrin of Big Daddy Fat Sacks. Three Stacks comes into the restaurant dressed like Little Jack Horner and hijinks ensue in true-to-life K&P fashion.

And as you can cleary see, Big Boi was highly entertained just like the rest of us.

Watch the Key & Peele Outkast skit down below. It would be great to hear both sides, but since Mr. Benjamin isn’t on any social media sites, who knows when that will actually happen.

Photo: Comedy Central