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The Black Lives Matter movement has more than its fair share of detractors and some of the most vocal critics hail from the Fox News side of things. Host Charles Payne and frequent guest Minister Jonathan Gentry both blasted BLM with Gentry saying that the group needs to clean up its own communities instead of protesting.

As reported by Fox News Insider, Gentry, leader of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, was asked by Payne if the Republican and Democratic candidates being challenged to meet with the Black Lives Matter representatives was a helpful or effective strategy for the group’s overall mission.

From Fox News Insider:

Black Lives Matter has been pressing 2016 presidential candidates from both parties to meet with members of the group.

Gentry said that every presidential candidate should challenge the Black Lives Matter movement. He said that 2016 contenders should ask the group, “Why are you not cleaning up your own community if black lives matter?”

The minister asked: Where was Black Lives Matter in Chicago, in Baltimore and in Ferguson when 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden was shot to death in her own home?

He charged Black Lives Matter with wanting to “protest for thugs,” but said the group is “nowhere to be found in their own communities.”

Payne, who has also been a critic of the BLM, agreed with his guest and Gentry was visibly angered by what he framed as the movement’s lack of visibility in the very communities they’re set to represent.

Gentry also had glowing words for GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trunp, just in case you wanted to get a sense of the kind of people he respects.

Watch Fox News’ Charles Payne and Minister Jonathan Gentry in the clip below via the good folks at Crooks and Liars.

Photo: Fox News