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Miami rapper Gunplay isn’t the type to duck any questions you throw his way. Like, how do you become a coke dealer while still in high school?

“I been raised by OGs. Even if i wasn’t selling they dope , they’d f*ck with me because I’m just pure,” Gunplay told Hip-Hop Wired. “I’m pure. I’m real, for real for real. Over the years my reputation grew as being a loyal, solid, young wild little ni**a that’s with it. After they years, they gravitate towards me.”

Don’t get it twisted, Don Logan is not glorifying his past lifestyle. Quite the contrary.

He feels rappers should use their influence to better the society we live in.

“Preach man, that’s what Pac was doing,” he said. “We have the power to change this sh*t. We are powerful. Don’t waste your power on material sh*t that is here today, gone tomorrow. Let’s make a change. I’m not gon’ say I’m the f*cking saint, that I’m holy and all that.”

He adds, “All in all when you read between the lines, I’m giving you substance and content. Letting you know, ‘Don’t do that! I did it, I survived. That’s why I’m a living legend.'”

Gunplay’s debut album, Living Legend, is in stores now. Watch rest of our Streets Is Talkin interview below.

Photo: YouTube