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A Colorado judge ensured that even the shed skin cells of Dark Knight shooter James Holmes will never be free in this lifetime.

The 27-year-old murdering psychopath received twelve life sentences for each of the victims he shot in cold blood in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012 during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. He was handed an additional 3,318 years for convictions of attempted murder for the 70 individuals he wounded and explosives he left off in the courtroom.

Judge Carlos A. Samour gave Holmes the required life sentence after eleven of twelve jurors voted for the death penalty. He told the killer bluntly, he “robbed the world of all the good these victims would have accomplished” before he let the families of the victims give him an earful. Samour concluded his condemnation with, “Sheriff, get the defendant out of my courtroom, please,” as reported by the Associated Press.

“I’m relieved that it’s over, but I don’t think it will ever be over, you know?” Rena Medek, whose daughter Micayla was one of the twelve people murdered, tells the AP. “I always have my daughter to think about.”

Holmes was found guilty on all charges and the jury rejected his insanity plea. During the year-and-half trial, he had attempted to sell his lunacy in court by rarely speaking and gazing off through the walls, to no avail.

However, he was diagnosed with forms of schizophrenia and could serve his time in a mental prison following a pending mental health population.

If he was found guilty on all charges, shouldn’t he be with the general population ever? He’s surely earned his spot.

Photo: 7 NEWS The Denver Channel