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Kevin Gates’ temper may be the catalyst for assault and battery charges being brought against him.

Late last week, the former XXL Freshman was performing at a club in Tampa Bay when a female fan in the front row touched his leg. Normally, any traveling musician would welcome such attention but the 29-year-old Louisiana native (born Kevin Gilyard) opted to return the physical affection with a full-force soccer kick.

Now, the victim of the attack is speaking out.

Reports ABCActionNews:

Miranda Dixon is still in pain after getting kicked in the chest by rapper Kevin Gates, also known as Kevin Jerome Gilyard.

“It still hurts so much, that is why I try not to talk too much, or even walk around,” Dixon said.

It happened at a Friday night concert at Club Rumor in Lakeland.

“I just cannot still believe this happened to me,” said the teenager.

Neither can our viewers. Since the story has been posted, it’s gotten millions of views, thousands of shares and countless comments. I personally read thousands and each one criticized Gates.

We cannot even show you a lot of them because such strong language was used.

There’s now a petition with 850 signatures calling for Kevin Gates to be banned from performing in Florida.

“I am so thankful to the community for supporting my daughter,” said Kristy Ireland-Ricks. “No man should ever hit a woman. That is not OK. He should be arrested and sent to prison.”

Aside from the petition, Gates’ approval rating on social media has been less than favorable but he recently responded to all the criticism.

The cops may arrest him before that happens, however. Lakeland police are currently investigating the incident.

Photo: ABCActionNews