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It takes a special kind of low life idiot to steal Air Jordans from a kid. However, A pair of thieves from Clayton County, GA, aka College Park in Atlanta, upped the struggle ante with one of them getting caught wearing the stolen kicks in question, after posting their pics on social media. 

We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

According to a Clayton County Sheriff’s Office press release, a juvenile victim was walking near his school bus stop in the area of Scarlett and Lakeshore drives in Jonesboro around 5:30 p.m. Monday when he was approached by two older teens.

“He was told, ‘you need to come up out of those shoes,’ as one of the perpetrators racked a bullet into the chamber of a firearm,” the press release said.

The victim, whose name and age were not released, gave the suspects his black and chrome Nike Jordan VI shoes. The shoes went on sale Saturday with a retail price of $170.

According to deputies, one of the suspects later posted photos of the stolen shoes on social media, leading investigators from the sheriff’s Truancy Unit and Clayton County police to identity the suspects and obtain arrest warrants.

That’s right folks; on Wednesday (Sept. 2), 17-year-old Davon Luckett, 17 and Reed Markee Deandre Williams, 19, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery, both of whichare felonies.

Check out the Air Jordan 6 Retro low model in “Metallic Silver” that was gaffled (worn by Luckett, smh) below (the New York Daily News tracked down the Facebook photo), the struggle criminals’ mugshots are on the flip.


Photo: Jordan Brand/Clayton County Sheriff’s Office

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