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Lil Wayne‘s frequent guest appearances on sports network ESPN are typically entertaining, giving fans a different look at the New Orleans rap superstar. On Tuesday, Tunechi was back on the Sportscenter set but this time hilariously mimicking famous lines uttered by on-air broadcasters in some of the biggest moments in sports.

Weezy F. Baby gets the party started by copying what is arguably professional basketball’s most famous call, featuring Boston Celtics broadcaster Johnny Most completely losing his sugar honey iced tea during a 1965 Eastern Conference finals game against the Philadelphia 76ers. While Lil Wayne doesn’t exactly nail Most’s exact words, he does do a good job in imitating the broadcaster’s excitement and vocal style.

Next up for Wayne was the infamous “Down Goes Frazier!” call made by the legendary broadcaster, Howard Cossell, this after heavy-punching George Foreman took down the formidable Joe Frazier in their 1973 “Sunshine Showdown” match. Wayne’s take on Cossell’s line was largely spot-on, although that iconic voice is a little hard to copy.

Check out the rest of Lil Wayne’s attempts at sport’s greatest calls in the video below. Which one was your favorite? Sound off in the comments.


Photo: ESPN