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If you’re a fan of Plies, chances are you know about his heavy social media presence and his various catchphrases. The Florida rapper is having a bit of an Instagram war with Young Thug, this after Plies called the Atlanta star’s daughter a “bih” in a video caption.

VIBE has been following the beef between the southern rap acts since Saturday (Sept. 12), which popped off when Plies posted a video of a cursing young girl and referred to her using the “bih” catchphrase. Young Thug issued a very clear threat for Plies to remove the video clip, which prompted a video response. While Plies initially said he didn’t know that the little girl in the video was Young Thug’s daughter, he has yet to take down the video.

More from VIBE:

“First and foremost, I’ll never disrespect nobody’s children, never have and never will. I put up an IG post of a little girl, I ain’t know who the f**k she was. All I know is she was speaking on how I felt, n***a, and still feel like she speaking for me. And if you have a problem with it, f**k n***g, you ask me to take it down, you don’t threaten me to do nothin’, p***y n***a.”

And of course Young Thug caught wind of Plies’ commentary and posted a retort, still urging him to take the video down. He also noted that he does not condone his daughter cursing, and the child’s mother is “in trouble” as well. “U NOT THE ONLY #BITCH IN TROUBLE THE #MOM IS TOO, I WILL NEVER CONDONE MY CHILD CURSIN! AND HAD I KNOWN ABOUT IT.. IT WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ON THE INTERNET….” he wrote.

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