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Detroit bred and shady emcee Eminem is being accused by fans of being…well, shady.

According to published reports, fans in Scotland who attended the T In the Park Festival feel Eminem cheated the concert goers by allegedly lip synching his entire performance.

Eminem, who was already accused of being a bit demanding after allegedly refusing to walk 40 feet to the stage for his headlining performance at T In the Park yesterday after allegedly being concerned that he would get mud on his shoes, apparently ruffled fans feathers who waited five years for the performance.

According fans on, Eminem’s Milli Vanilli performance was not only staged, but also lack luster. One fan wrote:

““He mimed at a supposed live festival and he dint even know he was in Balado – he seemed to think he was in Edinburgh.”

Not all fans felt that the performance was terrible; some fans came to Em’s defense stating that the performance was “classic.”

Enough of what others think, check out the video and let us know if you think it was live or was he indeed lip synching.