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Although details are scant at the time, a harrowing video depicting a Black Boston police officer beating a female suspect over alleged theft on a bus and then pulling his service weapon has surfaced. Riders on the vehicle pleaded with the officer to put down his gun and did the same when a fellow officer came to intervene with his weapon drawn.

Raw Story reported on the video, which was uploaded by BoomNation Station. While the video was uploaded on Friday (Sept. 18), there is not an official time stamp on the video nor has any local Boston outlet picked up the story to our knowledge.

What we can see is that the unnamed officer is brutally beating the woman and fighting with her, then he draws his gun after she doesn’t comply. From there, the riders began shouting at the officer while others began recording the incident.

More from Raw Story:

In a video posted on YouTube Friday night, the officer can be seen struggling with the woman near the end of the bus –reportedly over a petty theft charge — and quickly drawing his gun as bystanders scrambled to get out of the way.

With multiple witnesses filming the altercation on their cell phones, bystanders can be heard yelling “drop the gun,” “officer, please put down the gun” as the cop can be seen looking back at them and seeing he is being recorded.

After holstering his weapon, the officer continues to attempt to control the woman who flails at him while climbing up on bus seats in an attempt to get away.

Witnesses can heard pleading with her “sister, chill out” and “relax,” saying “we’re here for you.”

This story is developing. We will update when new information is made available. We also wish to stress that we do not know the exact date and time of the video, or if it was footage from this year.

Watch the video of the Boston police officer and the tussle with a female suspect below. A Warning: the video is violent and may be triggering for some.

Photo: YouTube