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The boundaries DJ Skee continues to push for not himself and his team’s brand but for the Hip-Hop culture as a whole, is nothing short of astronomical.

After a successful first season of his unrivaled SKEE TV variety show, the new and improved FUSE saw no reason not to ask him back for another go around. Hip-Hop Wired crashed the taping of the upcoming first show (yes, the same one that airs tonight where The Game disses Young Thug) and caught up with the host to explain how he keeps his win tally up.

HHW: What was the feeling you had when you woke up this morning and knew you were about to be consumed with Season 2 of SKEE TV?

DJ Skee: It feels great because when you’re going into the second round of anything, you kind of gotten a feel for what works and what doesn’t it and get a little room in between to think about it. We have a bunch of different things from new 3-D type signs on stage to various format changes. It’s still the same show but just a lot of the little details we were able to really tweak and spend the time on and get right. Even with the talent, we have more time to put it together and get more people who are aware of it and it’s really exciting. It just really steps it up a level.

HHW: You kind of got a bit of a monopoly going on seeing that there isn’t a lot of Hip-Hop entities/blog world/digital age on television right now.

DJ Skee: It’s really interesting. We got online before a lot of people were and now there’s not a lot of stuff on TV, we saw that there would be a huge opportunity and huge potential. It’s something we’re really proud and worked really hard to get and something we love owning in the space so we really want to represent the culture in an authentic, honest and positive way while showcasing the opportunity for those [artists] who are on the rise as well.

HHW: How big has Fuse’s role been on this?

DJ Skee: Fuse has been awesome. Straight up. They’re under new ownership and they totally relaunched the network the same week we came back with season 2 of the show right here. They understand what are brand is and what we do and give us the opportunity to let us do whatever we want. They understand our place within the culture and what we do within the community, and allow us to excel and showcase our skills while utilizing the amazing platform to present to the craziest audience they have of over 70 million homes. It’s really cool to be a part of the new umbrella of their brand which is about being yourself.

HHW: What is the biggest change we can expect when comparing Season 2 and Season 1?

DJ Skee: I’d say a level of production quality. You’ll notice it right away if you watched last season. Our biggest problem is we always run out of time and only about an hour a week to say it in. So we’re always pushing to get more in there and we kind of figured out the formula and really maximize that time. So you’ll see a much more well thought out show with bigger guests and we really stepped it up a notched this season.

HHW: It seems like it was only right that you had The Game on as the first guest to kickoff the new wave?

DJ Skee: Absolutely. And we are going to get to the bottom of this two-album deal he has going on. The first one is incredible. Ten years ago, we dropped “300 Bars” and I owe a lot of success to him for being the catalyst behind much of brand. I’ve always said, no matter what you think about him or the drama that surrounds him, he’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever been in the studio with in my life and he continues to prove that over and over. Musically he’s evolved a lot as an artist and it’ll be great to have him and get inside his head.

SKEE TV airs on Fridays on 10pm/9c on FUSE (starting tonight!) and will features the likes of Fetty Wap, Keke Palmer, T-Pain, Overdoz., Post Malone and many more. Tune in.

Photos: DJ Base