The hostile takeover is on, with Cookie, overacting Hakeem and company rolling up on a board meeting to announce that they now own a majority stake in Empire Records.

Unfortunately, Jamal got his own investor, Mimi Whiteman, who reveals that she got a better deal from Lucious. Doh!

Cookie tells Boo Boo Kitty she can’t even “dyke right” when she learns she still got double crossed despite sleeping with her. Bruh…


Cookie returns to her crib, where her sister managed to let herself in. She warns Cookie that those roses she got really are from Frank Gathers (last season, we learned his crew’s calling card for your impending doom was the arrival of a rose). When they open a gift box, they see their cousin’s severed head (sorry Deray).

Before Deray lost his head, he mentioned to Gathers, after catching a brutal fade, that it was Cookie that put the hit on his homie, and that snitched on him.

So of course, Cookie figures seeking help from Lucious is a good enough reason to finally visit him in prison.


Lucious goes along to meet Gathers, with the latter revealing that Cookie is about to get got. Lucious says him and Gathers are “cool” but then adds going to war with Cookie is going to war with him.

Gather instructs the goons to murder Lucious. However, it turns out that Gathers’ men are actually loyal to Lucious. My how the tables have turned. So yeah, Pookie from New Jack City‘s turn on Empire lasted a grand total of one episode.

Cold game.

This episode definitely set what’s sure to be a season of obscenely crazy plots twists and turns. Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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