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Although much of the fervor around Ahmed Mohamed‘s arrest in Irving, Texas has largely died down, the high school inventor is still making the media rounds. Mohamed was a guest on Larry Wilmore‘s The Nightly Show where the pair nerded out about inventions and the teen shared details of his arrest over a clock he invented that was assumed to be a bomb.

Mohamed, 14, was arrested on Sept. 14 for bringing his makeshift clock to school in order to impress a teacher. The aspiring engineer was then accused of bringing a hoax bomb to school and hauled off like a common criminal. Larry Wilmore, a self-professed nerd himself, was especially struck by Mohamed’s story and invited the boy to his show.

Like any shy kid, Mohamed laughed nervously through Wilmore jokes but was game in countering with answers despite the situation still being somewhat fresh. At one point, Wilmore points to a wall of clocks and jokes that they were just clocks and not bombs, prompting Mohamed to grin sheepishly.

Wilmore then asked Mohamed about the arrest, saying that the situation gave him a bit of street cred. Mohamed admitted that it was cool but had this to say to uproarious applause.

“It was kind of cool,” Mohamed said. “The only reason I felt cool about it was that I knew I was innocent, and I knew that if I took it to court I would win.”

Mohamed is now a former student of MacArthur High School, this after his father, Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, pulled him and his other children out of area schools.

Watch Ahmed Mohamed’s interview with Larry Wilmore on The Nightly Show below.

Photo: Comedy Central