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Despite a few missteps (and being possible victims to cheating) during their season opener against the defending champion New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense looks noticeably more fluid than they have in recent years.

If you’re a superstitious fan, you can thank Snoop Dogg for that. The diehard fan since the Steel Curtain days is very vocal with his love/hate relationship with his favorite team. And much like he did with Iggy Azalea, he made headlines last year for giving Steelers’ offensive coordinator Todd Haley a profane tongue-lashing for the world to see.

The Boss Dogg was recently a guest on The Rich Eisen Show on DirecTV’s Audience Network and he talked how there was no love lost between him and Haley but the OC did take heed to the criticisms hurled his way.

“I voice my opinion and I felt like he wasn’t putting the right plays out there,” Snoop tells Eisen. “When he got the message it and it started clicking! Ben started throwing touchdowns and the offense was flowing.”

When asked whether or not Snoop had an actual conversation with Haley, the BUSH rapper said it was a “telekinesis thing.”

The entertaining blurb is at the beginning of the video but the entire 20-minute clip is worth a watch if you’re into NFL Football.


Photo: WENN