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Two wrongs don’t make a right and Georgia attorney Kimberly Bandoh allegedely didn’t believe in Bring Your Kid to Work Day when she left her two-year-old and three-year-old sons in a car while she attempted to work some magic in court.

Now she’ll need to hire an attorney, or will she represent herself? How do these things usually work?


Kimberly Bandoh was a former magistrate judge in Clayton County. Attorneys said she planned to run for chief magistrate judge there. She was also just elected president of the Clayton County Bar Association.

Police said Bando left her two young boys in her car while she went inside and represented a client in court Thursday.

According to police, residents who walk around the City Hall complex for exercise noticed the boys in the car. One of the walkers said an attorney and former judge should know better than to leave her children.

“It’s dangerous and it’s happening every day,” a walker said.

The walkers alerted police and officers went into the court and arrested Bandoh.

“It’s not that hot today. The children probably would have been OK, but I don’t think the law gives that level of discretion to our police officers,” Riverdale City Manager Scott Wood said.

Police said she admitted she was wrong for leaving the kids in the car, and she thought she was going to run in and run right out.

Some neighbors said Bandoh took a gamble that no parent should take.

“I just don’t see why someone would leave a baby in the car,” Mary James said.

Police said the children were in the car about 20 to 30 minutes and are OK. They were picked up by their grandmother.

Watch Bandoh take that perp walk of shame down below.

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Photo: WBSTV