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Rick Ross has just filed a countersuit in effort to clear his name from the biggest charge brought against his this year.

The megastar rapper recently told Hip-Hop Wired that he has and legal counsel are staying positive during the course of the June 2015 assault case, and now it looks he has a positive claim with a new countersuit filing.

The suit alleges that Jonathan Zamudio and Leonardo Cacere were the men responsible for beating an unknown victim senseless, amounting to charges for kidnapping, aggravated battery and assault.

“On behalf of Mr. William Roberts we have filed a countersuit that addresses the real perpetrators, Jonathan Zamudio and Leonardo Caceres, and calls for all claims in the August 25th assault/kidnapping civil suit be dropped,” Leron Rogers, the law offices of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP Attorneys, writes in an email sent to Hip-Hop Wired.

“At its core, these trumped up allegations lack credible evidence and are an attempt at extorting money from Mr. Roberts—from the 911 call that doesn’t mention an assault or injuries, to the notion that Mr. Roberts kidnapped his accusers, when they were in fact trespassing on his property without permission.”

Ross’ bitter rap rival 50 Cent is also named in the suit for his social media instigation tactics. On September 6, the G-Unit CEO shared a picture with a man named Jonathan (it’s unclear if it is Mr. Zamudio from the lawsuit) and capitioned it with, “This is my FRIEND Jonathan, he was kidnapped and assaulted. He has chipped teeth from being pistol whipped. I can’t imagine how bad that hurt. Wait I bet it hurts like being a CO/ Rapper in Jail. This is not me this KANAN [his character from the Starz TV show, Power]. Now you pay.”

“Mr. Roberts’ countersuit names Curtis “50 cent” Jackson – Mr. Roberts asserts that the suit is an attempt to extort him for money; instigated, in part, by Ross nemesis, rapper Curtis “50 cent” Jackson,” the suit continued. “The filing included a photo exhibit showing one of the plaintiffs with Jackson, showcasing a taunting caption reading “You Pay Now.”

“And, the mere association between Mr. Roberts’ accusers and Mr. Curtis Jackson, speaks volumes to their lack of credibility and the likelihood of collusion. Mr. Roberts’ reputation has been defamed and his businesses compromised. We will vigorously dispute all of Mr. Zamudio’s and Mr. Caceres’ claims, and aggressively pursue the substantial damages Mr. Roberts has incurred stemming from these false claims by the plaintiffs.”

According the lawsuit, both Zamudio and Caceres were both “unlawfully trespassing” by staying at Ross’ guest house during the time of the incident. The aforementioned business compromises includes Ross losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars during the 2015 BET Weekend in Los Angeles due to his incarceration as he awaited his hearing.

The 911 call (placed hours after alleged altercation) also does not mention any physical assault or injuries.

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