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Just when you thought George Zimmerman existence couldn’t sink any lower on the scale of shameful human beings. Zimmerman pulled perhaps his most disgusting post-acquittal move yet by retweeting Trayvon Martin’s death photo.

The original tweet came from one of Zimmerman’s delusional admirers, gloating about some “one man army,” nonsense in regards to Martin’s death.  Never one to miss an opportunity to show Zimmerman’s true colors, the  accounted re-posted the photo, but due to the obvious backlash, it was taken down yesterday.

We should point out, that there’s a chance that this isn’t Zimmerman’s actual account (it’s not verified by Twitter). He joined Twitter a couple of years ago to sell his racist struggle art, but the tweets are pretty suspect — even for him.

If it’s not his account, he hasn’t said anything after all this time, so he’s guilty by association.

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Photo: Twitter

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