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Lil Mama has been on a rather refreshing nostalgic kick as she preps her forthcoming mixtape, Take You Back, but now it appears that she’ll have to battle relevancy like never before after she dropped a supposed Nicki Minaj diss record.

On her new song, “Too Fly,” which employs the trusted sample of DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat” and part of Kris Kross’ “Jump” chorus, the Brooklynite raps: “If I was born in Trini and I moved to the states/With all the rage, I would have got deported/I should punch you in your face for making me grandma/with all these sons and uncle grandpa’s/And the stunts you be pulling like you bloody, bloody mad/’Til I smack you in the face while I’m writing these anthems.”

Was Lil Mama talking about the Trinidadian-born Nicki Minaj who migrated to New York City and entered the game after Lil Mama made her debut, forcing her to become the senior artist?

It doesn’t matter. The people say she did and such is life for the legacy of this track.

Check out some of the more slanderous reactions to Lil Mama’s so-called diss. The fans can be relentless to the point where the artist doesn’t have to say one word.

Check out more on the next few pages. It’s a slaughterhouse, no Joell.

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