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With the news that Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was caught up in the injury struggle once again, it didn’t take long for the Internets to come with the vicious and slightly unfair slander. However, Rose hasn’t made it easy on himself with recent comments and thus opened himself up for the barrage of jokes.

Earlier Tuesday, Rose was elbowed by an unnamed teammate in the face during a practice session. Thus far, the team and news outlets are saying he suffered a fractured orbital bone and will get surgery on Wednesday. Team officials have not released details on Rose’s return and this was supposed to be a big year for the hometown star and incoming first-year coach and fellow Chicagoan, Fred Hoiberg.

Now, Rose has the luxury of enduring the hundreds of tweets, memes and jokes at his expense as he heals from the fracture. As we noted earlier, some of it doesn’t feel exactly fair but Rose is in the public eye and this comes with the terroritory.

Although laughter is the best medicine, we do hope Number 1 gets back to the court sooner than later.

Check out the following pages to see the Internet’s reaction to Derrick Rose’s latest injury.

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