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More news for Bill Cosby has surfaced today (September 30) and no, it isn’t good.

The damned television icon, who just has two of his honorary doctorates publicly revoked, just had another one his 23 remaining titles yanked from Brown University. And to top it off, Gloria Allred has introduced a trio of new alleged sexual assault victims to the world. One of the women says as she was “bordering between vomiting and passing out,” Cosby told her that she had been “blessed with his semen as if it was holy water.”

Reports USA TODAY:

Attorney Gloria Allred introduced three accusers during a press conference at her Los Angeles office: Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer, Colleen Hughes and Eden Tirl, according to The

Hughes was an American Airlines flight attendant in the early 1970s when she met the comedian, who invited her to lunch at his hotel. She told the media that she changed out of her uniform in his bathroom and when she emerged, he handed her a glass of champagne. She woke up eight hours later, to find Cosby gone.

She recounted seeing her clothes “all over the floor” and “feeling semen on my back and all over me.” She later ran into Cosby on another flight and he asked her if she’d ever reported the incident. She had not.

Whitedeer was an aspiring actress who met Cosby on a movie set shortly before he took her into the director’s office, where he forced her to perform oral sex on him. “I felt Cosby’s left hand gently grab my long hair behind my head … his giant frame blocked the door so if anyone should try to enter, they would not be able to see what he was doing,” she explained, adding that “his attack was fast with surgical precision and surprise on his side.”

Tirl spoke with Cosby privately in his dressing room while playing a guest role on the fifth season of The Cosby Show but the encounter did not end in sex. She explained that she attempted to deter his flirtation by saying, “Bill, you are Jello pudding pops and Fat Albert to me. You are my childhood.”

His response? “‘Don’t say that! They all say that!'”

Earlier this week, Brown University also followed Fordham and Marquette’s lead by revoking the honorary doctorate Cosby had received.

“It has become clear, by his own admission in legal depositions that became public this summer, that Mr. Cosby has engaged in conduct with women that is contrary to the values of Brown and the qualities for which he was honored by the University in 1985,” wrote Paxson in an email to the Brown community Monday night.

Paxson added: “The conduct that Mr. Cosby has acknowledged is wholly inconsistent with the behavior we expect of any individual associated with Brown,” university president Christina Paxson wrote in a letter to students.

“The conduct that Mr. Cosby has acknowledged is wholly inconsistent with the behavior we expect of any individual associated with Brown.”

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