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The ex-wife of Swizz Beatz is speaking on her former spouse and his upcoming nuptials to Alicia Keys.

As previously reported Mashonda and Swizz Beatz were officially divorced in May after years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences.

Soon after Swizzy and Alicia Keys announced that they were expecting their first child and plan to marry later this year.

Now Mashonda’s once again speaking on the situation and tells VIBE that she has no plans to see the couple exchange vows.

When asked by VIBE that if she were to be invited to the wedding if she’d go, she says no. She also recalled when she attended Beatz’ birthday party and saw the happy couple together—while they were still married.

“No. Not out of malice, but because weddings are sacred. It’s just not my place. The only reason I went to his birthday party was because he invited me and I did that for myself. I needed to see them together for it to transfer. And I was like ‘Wow, this is real.’ We were still totally married…We had a divorce that was nowhere near final, but I just needed to see them in action for it to be real to me, and it was definitely real.

You have all these different types of steps that you have to set up for yourself until you get to that place where you are free. And I will tell you, after I got divorced maybe three weeks later I woke up and felt a weight removed. It was the first time I’d ever felt mentally free. And I sent him an email wishing him all the best in the world.”

Speaking on A.Keys, Mashonda als told VIBE that she still listens to her music and understands that’s she’s been acting like a woman in love.

“I don’t make it an effort to listen. I don’t make it an effort not to listen. I still like her songs. She’s head over heels in love and I get it. Every woman deserves to feel that, not at the expense of another woman though. But I understand why some of the decisions were made on her part, because her heart was so in it.

I can’t fight that [and] I can’t fight her because she’s a household name. People are always going to love her for her music, as they should. She makes great music, but no one is really ever going to understand what happened in this house.”

She also touched on the way she felt when she found out about the pair’s affair and says she felt “Fawking disrespected.”

“Bottom line, the rule is, if you’re messing with somebody, you don’t know they’re married, and you found out they’re married if you come into any contact with that wife, leave it alone… respect the woman, respect the wife. Like I said before, it was an ego thing for me. I’m being Fawking disrespected, nobody respects me, this is my husband, this is my family, this girl thinks she can just do anything she thinks she wants to. And that’s what I dealt with for a while, until I gave up.”

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