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While Safaree Samuels gears up to drop his IAmSafaree EP, he let loose a freebie track that features some apparent jabs towards ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj and her current beau, Meek Mill. While he doesn’t exactly name names, Safaree’s “Shade Room” track is full of enough context clues for folks to connect the proper dots.

The track features Philly Swain, and the cover art for “Shade Room” shows Safaree blowing out smoke with the same charged battery photo Drake used for his “Charged Up” diss toward Meek. In the start of the song, Safaree goes in on Meek by using slang from the Maybach Music Group rapper’s Philadelphia home base.

“No Mountain Dew, But It’s Code Red/No Skeletor, You a bonehead/Heard you dye your hair you a old head,” raps Safaree.

While those lines can be loosely connected to Meek Mill, the next set of lines are unquestionably aimed at Minaj.

“I entertain, I’m so set/Y’all n*ggas starve, I’m so fed/I used to have the black Britney Spears/But I couldn’t be the black K Fed,” he added.

Check out Safaree Samuel’s “Shade Room” track featuring Philly Swain. We’ll reserve our opinion but let us know what you thought of the song in the comments section.

You can also support Safaree by copping the single off iTunes here.

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