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Stephon Marbury‘s glory days in the NBA are well behind him now, but he’s currently a superstar in the Chinese Basketball Association. Marbury took to Twitter to not only announce the rebooting of his budget Starbury shoe and apparel line but also took shots at Michael Jordan in the process.

Since the weekend, Marbury has been fielding questions about the return of the Starbury line, which originally launched in 2006 and featured sneakers of various styles priced at $15 per set. The shoe line was popular in some respects, serving as an alternative to high-end brands such as Air Jordans and products from Nike.

But it was Marbury’s comments about Jordan that seemed to garner the most responses.

“Jordan has been robbing the hood since. Kids dying for shoes and the only face this dude makes is I don’t care. The time will change!” tweeted Marbury on Oct. 4.

Then Marbury added, “He’s a follower not even giving that any energy,” said in response to a fan’s tweet that Lebron James also hawks expensive shoes.

Today, Marbury’s anti-Jordan stances are still on display, and he largely has the support among his 76,000 followers.

Does Stephon Marbury have a point? Will his Starbury line manage to capture some of the market share? Sound off in the comments. Also, hit the following page to see a sketch of an upcoming Starbury sneaker.

Photo: Instagram

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