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UPDATE (Dec. 4): The fade has been delivered via KO.

Remember Stitches and Ink Monstarr, the pair of struggle rappers who sent out a NC-17 diss towards Tyga and Kylie Jenner? Of course you do. Well, they’re both back, creating fake Instagram messages in hopes to get fans to pay attention to them. Stitches, the Florida native best known for his creepy face tattoos, has been going hard on social media the last few days, calling the Compton MC all sorts of female genitalia and even mentioning his kids. If he thought Game was too big to notice the coonery, he figured wrong.

According to Jayceon’s account, he did have an encounter with Stitches but it was only when he was in the VIP section of a Miami club and he blocked the weirdo from taking a fanboy picture with him.

“Number one, I ain’t sent yo faggot ass no DM,” Game begin in his Instagram response. “Number two, any ni**a that rhyme with b*tches, ain’t nobody f*cking with you, ni**a. Ya lame, your music is wack and I will put hands on you, ni**a. I ain’t sent you no message; you a f*cking fan, ni**a.” The response came after Stitches posted a series of alleged messages that read like Game was trying to make amends for the boiling beef.

As for Ink Monstarr, he’s maintaining that Tyga has been begging for mercy and Kylie Jenner has been flirting with him (after being momentarily upset over the “Kyga” video) in his direct messages. Their struggle knows no boundaries but it is mighty entertaining.

Check out Game’s response to Stitches below and flip through the gallery to see more of the unreal.

Photo: Instagram

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