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Eminem has been getting millions of fan mail letters since he first broke onto the scene in 1999 and it’s damn near impossible for him to respond to all of them; so he usually doesn’t. But when he does give a fan the time of day, it’s a safe bet it was one he knew it could do immense good.

Which is exactly what 10-year-old Teejay Stainer is experiencing right about now. The little trooper was born without a calf bone in his right leg and eventually had his leg amputated when he was just 14-months-old. During his short time on Earth, he reportedly credited Eminem with making him feel “brave” about the challenges life has presented him. Today, he regularly does everything you’d expect a 10-year-old boy to do which is running, jumping, playing basketball and climbing trees.

When Teejay and his family reached out to his favorite rap star online, even under the special circumstances, it was a bit of longshot. Yet lo and behold, Slim Shady received the message loud and clear and sent out an autographed copy of his 2010 comeback album, Recovery which bore the caption: “To Teejay, I saw your pic and read your message! Thanks for the support!”

Teejay told the Daily Echo he feels he received that CD in particular because of “sent me that album in particular because of the recovery that I’ve made.”

Above all, Teejay’s mother Georgina, approves Eminem’s lyrical gems above any of the other choice words that are prevalent in his music.

Check out little Teejay’s cherished gift down below. In the meantime, the legendary MC will be headlining Lollapalooza 2016 in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

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