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“Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace,” spit Jay Z on “Oceans” off 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. With that one line, Hova simultaneously, and once again, bigged up the Notorious BIG and summed the feeling of millions who consider the props Christopher Columbus gets for “discovering” already inhabited land to be the epitome of the jig. 

This is indisputable considering that two years later on this Columbus Day, “Wallace” is trending on Twitter.

We’re not going to shame Italians for honoring their hero who managed to come up despite pretty much getting lost on his way to the East Indies.

However, don’t be so naive as to disrespect the histories and legacies of the indigenous people he pretty much aided in trying to wipe from the face of the earth. No shots.

Read up on the shenanigans of Christopher Columbus right here, and catch up on why you should rock with Native Americans Day right here.

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