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Whether you choose to admit or not, D4L made a lasting impact when they released their breakout “Laffy Taffy” single on October 18, 2005. In previous years, rap songs that sounded like they were created for a SNL skit typically fell on deaf ears but the Atlanta quartet managed to achieve the unthinkable when the song reached the top of the Billboard 100, cementing the arrival of “ringtone rap.”

Despite the cheesiness of it all, there was a lot of fun to be had during the reign of “Laffy Taffy” and other related songs. So to celebrate its 10-year anniversary (and subsequent death, ha!), here is the best snap music songs that ever dropped.

15. Cherish ft. Sean P – “Do It To It”

Producer: Don Vito

Hopping on the bandwagon of a popular musical trend isn’t necessarily a bad thing–if you have the skills to go the distance with your own sound. The King sisters got lost in the shuffle after their debut single and are largely considered one-hit wonders. Even though that’s technically not true.

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