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Let’s all scale back the clocks to the February of this year when Eddie Murphy refused to partake in a Bill Cosby skit during Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary celebration.

The writers–namely Norm MacDonald–had set up the legendary comedian to be the one who made mention of Cosby’s sexual misconduct allegations on the televised special but Murphy reportedly “couldn’t kick a man while he was down.”

While accepting his Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center yesterday, October 17, apparently, the 54-year-old Murphy apparently had a change of heart. Or maybe the twenty-something more accusers since the SNL 40 event had something to do with it?

“Bill has one of these. Did you all make Bill give it back?,” Murphy said upon receiving the hardware. “You know you’ve f*cked up when they want you to give your trophy back.”

Afterwards, Murphy went into full Cosby impression, mocking a scenario where the embattled comedy icon would address all those who wanted him to part with his Mark Twain award, among others. “I would like to talk to some of the people who feel like I should give back some of my f*cking trophies,” he said with a goofy Cosby facial expression.

Following Murphy’s refusal on SNL 40, Cosby publicly thank Murphy for his support. It’s likely he’s using his picture as a dart board from this point on.

Murphy also famously imitated Cosby on his groundbreaking stand-up comedy special, Raw in 1987.

Watch the latest Eddie Murphy Bill Cosby impersonation above.

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