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The #AskDiddy panel on Saturday (Oct. 17) at the Revolt Music Conference in Miami was jam packed. Sean “Diddy” Combs really did answer any and all questions—while politely curving a couple of people asking to spit rap bars for him—but one of the most interesting moments was when he discussed Vote Or Die and the voting process. 

Before you ask, no; questions about Diddy’s relationship with past artists or gossip-worthy incidents did not make the cut. Instead, the inquiries made by fans via Twitter, Google Chat and those in attendance who were all catered to Diddy’s insight on his success and as he put it “how to get this money.” The RMC’s theme was “The Merging of Music, Technology and Innovation,” after all.

Diddy revealed that he feels your dreams have to be connected to your faith in God, how throughout his career he has simply refused to let up and revealed that he is planning a tour to support his new album—which includes getting a new shiny suit for the occasion.

When a young woman from New Jersey asked how young people could get their voices heard in next year’s presidential election, it was clear there would be no Vote Or Die redux (started in 2004, it has since been inactive).

“See the things that’s tricky about politics is there’s so much bullsh*t with it,” said Combs, to applause. “We started Vote or Die and…and from the community we’re in, we’re not with hearing too much of the bullsh*t. So that’s why we get disenfranchised, [we’re] disconnected because nothing that they’re saying actually relates to us.”

He added, “So Vote Or Die, and getting out the vote, those things [were] laid out there so people could understand about the process. We started Vote or Die, and the whole process was all full of sh*t. The whole sh*t is a scam.”

That would be the voting process and politics, not Vote or Die, proper. But, Diddy isn’t telling you not to cast your ballot.

“At the end of the day I’m not telling you not to vote,” he said. “But I’m saying be a realist and know that they motherf-cking kicking some bullsh*t up there.”

Diddy even offered up some alternatives, though they weren’t too specific.

“Use your power socially,” he said. “We have different aims and the young have more power than ever. You got 200 followers, if you decide that you want to make it a topic of discussion and that thing goes viral… So do your part, and leave the bullsh*t out of it. Let’s make a difference in this election. We all can play a part.”

Revolt the vote?

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