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Today, October 20, is Snoop Dogg’s 44th birthday but he’s the one blessing the streets with the gifts.

The Boss Dogg was back in his LBC hometown last night accompanied by the local rap outfit, LBC Movement in efforts to promote their new mixtape of the same name. When the clique spotted a gaggle of Long Beach cops overseeing the commotion they and TMZ were stirring up and handouts were given on the spot.

“Somebody need to give one to the police,” Snoop observed. “They need to have [this mixtape] too.”

The world-famous rap star was more than up for the job and he even risked being maimed by the telephone wire that blocked his path to the Long Beach cops. With the cameras rolling, he shook each of their hands and presented them with a fully wrapped compact disc.

The question is now posed, will those officers be reprimanded for receiving the Doggy treats? Back in April of this year, a Texas State Trooper received punishment for simply taking a picture with the rap star, due to his liberal stance on marijuana usage. Although it’s not exactly legal, California authorities tend to err on the benefit of the doubt when it comes to weed.

At any rate, check out Snoop’s comical interaction with the Long Beach cops down below. The mixtape can be acquired at the LBC Movement’s official website.

Photo: TMZ