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Here’s something you don’t hear everyday: a Philly boxer busted in a gay threesome porno, says he was drugged and he’s actually a ladies man. Yusaf Mack, an engaged father of 10, sounds a little confused about what it means to actually love sexing women, but that’s neither here nor there.

Mack said that the gay sex tape from earlier this year, totally ruined his image as a staunch heterosexual male. “My whole life, I’ve been what they call a whoremonger. I love females,” Mack, 35, told “The only time I touch a man is when I’m in the ring fighting.”

Oddly enough, Mack wasn’t in the ring when he and two other dudes got together for a sexual tryst that was apparently against his consent. Somehow, Mack got drugged (he’s not sure with what), and ended up in a three-way. All he remembers is taking a pill and washing it down with vodka.

The writer who interviewed Mack has a theory that he could’ve been drugged with liquid ecstasy. A doctor backed up the idea of someone taking a drug and not having memory of their actions afterwards. “We have videos of our female victims where they appear to be participating and have no recall of it. It works the same way for men or women,” said Trinka Porrata of Arizona’s, which educates people on liquid ecstasy.. “The problem is . . . you can’t prove memory loss. You can’t prove amnesia.”

Mack admitted to hopping on a train to New York to appear in porn, but when he got to some apartment in the Bronx there were naked women walking around — NOT dudes. “I think it’s about to go down, I needed a drink or something,” he explained. “They gave me a pill and a shot of vodka. I took the pill down with the vodka.”

Everything got fuzzy after that. Though Mack recalls getting back on the train and heading home. He forgot all about the sex tape until a couple of weeks ago when people in his grandmother’s neighborhood started giving him the side-eye. “I’m wondering why everybody is walking past me and not talking to me,” he said.

Someone finally told him that his porn was on the Internet, and his reply was simple: “I don’t remember that.”

Mack says the porn info is on an old Facebook page, but he can’t remember the password, so he just created a new account. He retired from boxing last year, and is focused on supporting his 10 children who range from ages 3 to 21. “I’m just hurt right now,” he said. “I can’t really sleep at night, but I’m getting by. . . . Everybody thinks I’m going to hurt myself. I’ve got to stay strong for my children.”

Also, he’s not concerned with rumors that he might be gay, or bi-sexual. “All my real friends who really know me, know I like females,” Mack added. “I’m still me. You’ve got to realize that the ones that are not really talking to me are the ones that probably have skeletons in their closets.”

It sounds like somebody might want to do a little soul-searching, but who are we to judge? If this man says he’s not gay-for-pay and somehow got drugged into group sex with two other men, then so be it.

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