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Thank goodness that the FBI is getting involved in the Spring Valley High School incident that involved a teenage girl being slammed and dragged across the ground by a 34-year-old resource officer because his police buddies clearly have his back.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott addressed the press earlier today 24 hours after he justified the clear shot of police brutality by claiming “the student resisting” before she got arrested.

When questioned whether or not race had anything to do with the way officer Ben Fields, who is white, treated the unidentified teen, Sheriff Lott said his personal knowledge of him “dating an African-American female for some time now” came into play. He also shot down the notion that the student may have suffered injuries as a result of her result, saying she may “rug burn” at best.

Nothing to see here but justice being served, people. Sheriff Leon Lott’s full press conference is available to infuriate you down below while the classroom incident is available on the next page.

Photo: WIS10

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