On the night of Sunday October 4th, UConn student Luke Gatti made a fool of himself and everyone related to him by blood and even hearsay after he went into a drunken tirade over macaroni and cheese in one of the school’s cafeteria facilities.

Throughout the 10-minute clip, Gatti is seen berating David Robinson, the then manager of the Union Street Market, in an curse-laden rant after he was refused the precious bacon-jalapeno macaroni and cheese his white privilege so desperately told him he needed.

At the height of the video, Gatti is heard telling Robinson “his job is a f*cking joke” while sarcastically mocking his title as manager of the Union Street Market on his name tag. On occasion, friends of Gatti tried to remove him from the scene but he refused to let up on Robinson.

It was then, Gatti chose to assault Gatti and a cook intervening, taking him to the ground and physically detaining him until the police came. The 19-year-old student was later charged with second-degree breach of peace and criminal trespass.

A few days later, Gatti sobered up and created a video apology to where he attempted to excuse his behavior, claming he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Too bad Robinson, who is now living in South America, couldn’t be easily swayed with words after-the-fact.


“You see, it was my last night of work, and I had a plane ticket out of the country for the following Sunday, to reunite with my lovely family, and I was determined not to jeopardize that in any way,” Robinson wrote in a statement obtained by the Hartford Courant. I am in South America now, living with my in-laws and volunteering at a local school teaching English. I chose to sacrifice a decent paying job and a comfortable life to help my wife recover and to take care of her ailing father.”

Gatti is due back in court on November 3 and the Courant reports that he is no longer enrolled at UConn. Although the reasons for his dropout are unspecified, it is largely implied being the town jackass had much to do with it.

“You sat on a comfy chair in a comfy den in a comfy home and spoke to a camera. Was I in that room? Have you reached out to me directly? A heartfelt apology is directed at a human being in their presence,” Robinson continued. “Buy a plane ticket, come visit, and then you can apologize in person, the way it should be done. If you do these things, I will gladly accept your apology.”

Watch Luke Gatti’s viral moment of shame below and his apology on the next page.

Photo: YouTube, UConn Police Department

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