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Kanye West’s fifth studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy earned the megastar Hip-Hop artist a lot of accolades and spawned a short film and four music videos.

It has also earned Mr. West and his “All of the Lights” video director Hype Williams a blow to their credibility following acclaimed filmmaker Gaspar Noé’s latest interview.

The Argentina-born film director confidently (and begrudgingly) tells The Daily Beast that the opening sequence of the 2010 “All of the Lights” video unapologetically swiped the concept from the beginning credit scene from his 2009 fan favorite, Enter the Void.

“And the director [Hype Williams] was someone else who ripped off the titles to my movie,” Noé said, claiming he first saw the video on YouTube opposed to a consultation from West and Williams. “I was more shocked by the fact that that guy who copied all the typography of my titles put his name in it—Hype Williams—when you never usually see a director’s name in a music video. He was putting his name on it over and over! It was so weird that he was not only copying it, but adding his name into the credits over and over again.”

Tom Kan, the designer who helped Noé create the Enter the Void titles, has went on record to call the “All of the Lights” video “plagiarism” and while Noé doesn’t disagree, he seems contempt with charging it to the game.

“The truth is that when you put something out there, if you put any idea out there that’s kind of flashy, you have many, many people that are going to be copying it,” he admitted. “This happens whether you do movies, paintings, or music.”

Check out a side-by-side fanmade video on the next page to help determine your opinion on the allegations.

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