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Eminem is serious about the preservation of his songs, evidenced by his new partnership with Genius. The Hip-Hop legend is taking his investments in the digital realm even further with release of Shady Wars, a mobile game now available on iOS and Android platforms that bridges the gap between time-wasting and a handful of his hit records effortlessly.

The premise for Shady Wars is simple; sort of like the opposite of the iconic arcade game, Galactica. Players have to control a hockey-masked Slim Shady and hover under the lyrics of his songs as the words fall at an increasingly faster pace as the record progresses. Through the collection of coins, players can unlock new Eminem songs as they move up in levels. The first record is the chart-topping duet with Rihanna “Monster” and follows with the tracks “Kings Never Die”, “Till It’s Gone”, “ShadyXV” “Love the Way You Lie”, “Berzerk”, “Survival”, and “Phenomenal.”

As collaboration with Blue Street Studios, the game also warns that players must be at least 17 years of age, mainly for the explicit lyrics of Eminem’s music. There are also in-game purchases available to enhance the Shady Wars experience, including a $15 option to unlock all the content without earning it.

Take a look at the shots from Shady Wars in the gallery below and download via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Photos: Shady Wars

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