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The Dungeon Dragon just ducked a felony charge. Busta Rhymes plead guilty to hurling a protein drink at a gym employee in Manhattan Criminal Court today (Nov. 6). 

In exchange for the guilty plea, the “Gimme Some More” rapper’s charges were lessened from a felony to a violation, and he will have to take anger management classes.

Reports the New York Times:

The performer, whose real name is Trevor Smith, was arrested last summer and charged with second-degree assault, a felony. The police said that on the evening of Aug. 5, Mr. Smith had thrown a bottle of the protein shake at a worker in the Steel Gym on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, bruising the man’s head. The two had had a quarrel a minute earlier, and the worker had asked Mr. Smith to leave.

Though the police charged Mr. Smith with a felony, the Manhattan district attorney’s office reduced the charge to misdemeanor assault. The prosecutors later agreed to let Mr. Smith plead guilty to harassment, which is a violation, on the condition he attend anger management classes.

Mr. Smith, dressed in a sharp black suit and wearing diamond earrings, was all smiles as he left court with his lawyer, as a bodyguard ran interference, blocking reporters. “You that aggressive with your man?” he said to one female reporter who tried to ask him a question. Then he stopped to hug a court officer who said he was a big fan. Mr. Smith was also recognized by another fan — a man in handcuffs who was being escorted in by the police. “That’s Busta! That’s Busta!” the man said, jumping up and down.

Reportedly, Bussa Bus has already completed three days of anger management counseling.

Getting the court drama out of the way comes at a good time. Busta Rhymes will be holding a cameo-filled Busta & Friends concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on Dec. 5.