Floyd Mayweather is about his business inside the boxing ring and 100 percent playtime when he’s not training.

So there should be no surprise he decided to host and subsequently flaunt a stripper twerk party at some undisclosed location in the wee hours of this morning.

“Just a normal house party at 5:16am for Mr. My Life is the Sh*t,” he captioned in the :15 second clip which utilized the popular Camcorder App. The undefeated champ is seen throwing money at the recording device as about nine exotic dancers hopelessly shake their asses for Daddy Warbucks. He also made sure to plug the song playing from The Money Team artist Lil Jamez just in case strip joints want to put it in their rotation down the line.

Watch Money Mayweather’s stripper twerk party preview via the Instagram post below. Anybody care to guess what happened once the cameras stopped rolling? The Twitter version is on the flip side just in case IG kills it from their server.

Photo: Floyd Mayweather

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