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If you’re an educator in Chicago, it makes absolutely no sense to inject beleaguered rapper Chief Keef into your lesson plan. But in the case of one Southside substitute teacher, that’s exactly what they did and parents are naturally upset about it.

To make matters worse, the Chief Keef lesson plan was implemented at an elementary school and pegged questions in a music class quiz that nobody at the age should be committing to memory. The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the matter, which clearly has the CPS and the teacher in hot water at the moment.

From the Sun-Times:

That wasn’t the case at John Fiske Elementary School on the South Side, where a substitute filling in for a teacher on extended leave, asked sixth-grade students to research the controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef.

Among other biographical facts, students were required to know where the rapper was placed on house arrest and who shot him when he was 16.

“I had never heard of him. But after careful research I found out that his music is about having sex, using the ‘B’ word, anti-police and supporting gangs,” parent Katrina Sanders said.

“What happened to the musical composers? The music that this teacher is presenting is the very thing that the children don’t need: profanity, drugs and acting as if being arrested is a badge of honor.”

A spokeswoman for the Chicago Public Schools said Principal Cynthia Miller was unaware of the questionable subject matter.

“This inappropriate project was immediately suspended by the principal as soon as she learned about it. While teachers have flexibility in making assignments, CPS requires them to provide age-appropriate material in the classroom,” spokeswoman Emily Bittner said.

Pretty safe to say that this so-called teacher is on the unemployment line as of today, right?

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