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Officials are looking the criminals responsible a bomb blast in the Nigerian city of Yola that has reportedly killed thirty-two people and injured eighty others. No one has stepped forward but many believe it is the work of terrorist group Boko Haram, who has killed hundreds of people in the area this year, not to mention raping and impregnating its kidnapped women.


Tuesday night’s blast breaks a three-week hiatus in bombings after a string of suicide attacks culminated in twin explosions in mosques in two northeastern cities that killed 42 people and wounded more than 100 on Oct. 23.

One of the mosques attacked was in Yola, capital of Adamawa state, where the blast took place Tuesday night.

The dead and the injured were evacuated to hospitals, Sa’ad Bello, coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency, told the Associated Press.

Most victims were vendors and passers-by, said Deputy Superintendent Othman Abubakar, the police spokesman for Adamawa state.

Nigeria’s military has reported foiling several suicide bombers recently and killing and capturing insurgents as it destroys Boko Haram camps in air raids and ground attacks.

Some 20,000 people have been killed in the 6-year-old Islamic uprising that has spread to neighboring countries.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari visited Yolo just five days earlier to grant soldiers with medals for remaining vigilant while fighting Boko Haram militants.

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