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Master P’s divorce has become messier than expected even with Sonya C being awarded a rather hefty alimony check every month.

The biggest dish of dirt in the case is the fact that Romeo Miller’s name got thrown into a lawsuit as the estranged No Limit mother believes that Master Percy is trying to use her own kids against him.

Romeo finally broke his silence over the ordeal and took to Instagram to spill his soul.

“Today I was SERVED by my own mother and although it hurts, I know that she can’t be 100% behind all of these ridiculous moves but instead is being guided by another’s greed.”

He added, “I haven’t spoken to my mother in months due to advice she’s taking from her lawyers. It sucks because the only reason I’ve worked so hard was to make my mother proud.”

The Royal Family Holiday actor concluded, “The person my life who I love the most, I can’t even talk to. But I truly know and believe that GOD wouldn’t give ANY of us anything we couldn’t handle. Each morning I wake up, I realize that I am not only blessed but it’s another opportunity for hope.”

Although the open letter is undoubtedly genuine, the timing couldn’t be more convenient. The Miller family’s new reality show, Master P’s Family Empire, airs this Saturday at 8 p.m. on Reelz.

Photo: Instagram / Romeo Miller