Kylie Jenner recently told Ellen Degeneres that her relationship with Tyga wasn’t as rocky as the people made it out to be but adjustments to the union still had to be made.

Which is why Tyga has reportedly switched addresses from the one he shared with his über famous reality star girlfriend.

Via TMZ:

Tyga and Kylie are slowing things way down after their near split last week, and he’s already moved out of her pad.

A source connected to the couple says they’ve decided things would be better if they increase their personal space by living under separate roofs. Tyga moved out of Kylie’s house last week and into a rental in the Hollywood Hills.

We’re told the two felt they were together too much and they were concerned they looked more like a duo than individuals with their own careers. Kylie’s recent Australia trip became an issue, as they argued whether she should go solo or with Tyga.

A source close to Kylie says they never officially broke up, but the blow-up made them think — a little space could go a long way.

We can’t knock the manuever. The situation was getting to close for comfort. Allegedly.

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/

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