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Flyod Mayweather’s camp has missed deadline to agree on a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

As time ran out for the deadline, Floyd’s camp remained silent, leaving speculation that the two of the best will not fight this year.

Those close to the camps said there was a quiet and behind the doors negotiation that had to be reached by July 16th. Manny Pacquiao’s camp agreed to everything and all of the preparations including the blood testing that they did not agree with earlier this year. However, once Floyd’s camp got word Manny was in, they became silent and have not since commented on the fight.

Many entertainers like Snoop Dogg have made a conscience effort to watch the two fight, as many feel it would be one the biggest fights in boxing history. With Mayweather’s camp being silent about the fight, many people including ESPN analyst feel that Floyd is being a coward and scared of losing his undefeated title.

Manny is now looking to fight a new opponent and has his eyes set on Miguel Cotto, while Floyd has not spoken any talk of boxing.

Do you think Flyod is being a coward, or do you think the media is embellishing the situation?