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50 Cent was ordered to pay Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, $7M for leaking her sex tape. Although the rapper filed for bankruptcy, thus delaying her payment, she taking steps to assure she gets her dough. 

Reports the New York Daily News:

Lastonia Leviston won a $7 million court judgment against the rapper in July after a jury found he intentionally posted her sex tape online to humiliate her.

With her payment now tied up in Fiddy’s bankruptcy case, she’s challenging the $123,455.92 that his Dallas-based lawyers are seeking for expenses related to the invasion of privacy case.

She wants the reimbursement amounts “disallowed, or alternatively, significantly reduced,” according to papers filed last month.

Leviston also questions the $26,890.90 spent on court reporter fees, $14,800.66 spent on legal research and $4,186.94 dropped on travel expenses.

She blasts the expenses as “extravagant, excessive and unreasonable,” noting that her own legal team spent less than $3,000 “when they prepared for and engaged in the same trial as the Brewer Firm.”

Sounds like Leviston isn’t falling for the jig.

Considering the Fitty already lost the case and the NY Post put his Instagram antics on blast, he may want to reconsider his strategy.

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