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It’s hard to believe that always charismatic E-40 only has a handful of movie appearances throughout his storied rap career that has spawned several decades.

Come next year, fans will get to see the veteran MC in a more comedic light as he stars in hood/weed comedy (think Friday 2K16) opposite Mike Epps, Elise Neal and his 3 Strikes co-star, Brian Hooks in a film titled What Are the Chances?

Peep the synopsis from Shot Films:

Icy, (Brian Hooks) a small time drug dealer, and Dre (E-40) who’s retired from the game and is now a family man, have known each other for most of their lives. They are more like brothers than best friends. Following an annual tradition, Icy persuades Dre to attend Black Ski Weekend this year.

Icy decides to drive his new truck that was purchased with money he owes to a drug dealer. On the way to Black Ski Weekend, Dre convinces Icy to take a short cut so they can get there faster. Icy who is addicted to ganja, smokes a blunt while Dre naps. With Icy high, and Dre asleep, they miss their designated exit.

The bumping of a flat tire wakens Dre to realize that Icy has driven them into a pitch black forest. Unsuccessfully they attempt to fix the flat tire and are forced to walk through a wooded area hoping to find help.

During their long frustrating walk they notice a porch light shining from a house hidden between acres of tall trees. They have no choice but to climb a tall fence to get to the house. Unknowingly, Icy drops his wallet from his back pocket as they climb the fence and walks towards the house.

Tired and exhausted Dre knocks on the front door. The door slightly opens by itself and they enter the house. While searching for a person inside, Icy and Dre notice marijuana plants in the backyard. Icy and Dre run to the backyard and discover a MILLION DOLLAR marijuana farm that’s operated by an old ruthless hillbilly.

Thinking they’ve hit the jack pot, they stuff their garbage bags with marijuana then head back to the city of Oakland, not knowing that the old ruthless hillbilly has put a $100,000 contract on their heads. Steal Or Be Killed, What are the chances?

The trailer for What Are the Chances? can be seen below.

Photo: Shot Films