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Ask yourself what is worse. A date rape incident on a college campus or said incident being documented–and posted on social media.

While you attempt to measure the lesser of two evils, just know that the scenario describes a rape at Florida A&M that very well may be an actual reality.

Reports Jezebel:

On Friday afternoon, an anonymous tipster alerted Jezebel to the presence of what appears to be a video of a rape at Florida A&M University posted to the Yik Yak-meets-Snapchat app Yeti: Campus Stories. The FAMU administration is attempting to pick up the pieces from here, but the video’s posting raises some questions about anonymous and untraceable social networks like Yeti.

The video takes place in a room that appears to be unfurnished, save for a television. A man, wearing a black t-shirt and skull cap, faces away from the camera. He then rolls over what appears to be a passed out or incapacitated woman who is naked from the bottom down and seems to rape her. Meanwhile, a voice behind the camera says, “Get right.”

Usually, Yeti posts are only available to people in the college community. However, since FAMU began trending, the video became available to anyone with the app.

Posts on Yeti don’t carry a timestamp, so it isn’t clear exactly when the footage was uploaded. However, judging by the fact that it was available Friday afternoon and that tweets discussing the post begin to appear around midnight Friday morning, it is reasonable to assume it was posted some time on Thursday evening.

The screenshot of the alleged rape at Florida A&M can be seen below.

H/T: Raw Story

Photo: Yeti: Campus Stories