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If you have one of those hoverboard scooters, you may want to keep a fire extinguisher handy. The trendy gadget, that’s been deemed illegal in NYC and the UK, has reportedly been exploding and causing fires. 

Reports Newsweek:

On Tuesday morning, a hoverboard blew up in a suburban shopping mall near Seattle. Witnesses told local news that the explosion happened “for no reason” and that “sparks [were] shooting like a firework” from the hoverboard. It remains unclear what the brand was or which manufacturer built this hoverboard.

Several videos and stories of exploding hoverboards have been making news over the past few months. The explosions were mostly caused by faulty batteries in the boards. One family home in Louisiana and an apartment in Hong Kong were burned down due to hoverboard fires. A video of a hoverboard on fire at a park went viral and was broadcast in ABC’s World News Tonight.

Reportedly, most hoverboards are manufactured in China, with shoddy production a potential factor in why they are exploding.

For those keeping tabs, hoverboards have caused people to get robbed, at gunpoint, and have their homes catch on fire. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking of gifting one for the holidays. Just saying.

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