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Most forward-thinking Americans are wary of displaying any sort of particle that might suggest white supremacy. One Missouri man insists that hanging the two pieces of historically racist symbols from his home – the noose and confederate flag – denotes pride and heritage.

KSPR reported that someone at Jeffrey Tindle’s home removed the flag after a neighbor complained about it’s racial undertones, and the noose after a reporter asked about it. But within a few hours, the flag was back up.

Via RawStory:

“Representing my southern heritage and my southern pride,” Tindle insisted to the station as he hung the flag. “The Confederate flag, the rebel flag, whatever you choose to call it, it does not stand for racism at all. It stands for pride and heritage.”

According to Tindle, he had made the noose to show his brother how to tie knots. He suggested that the rope had nothing to do with racism.

“I don’t believe so. We have African Americans in our family we don’t hate them,” he said.

Tindle vows to keep his flag up until a law is made to make him bring it down.

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